Bit.Country: The Door of All Beings to the Metaverse

Bit.Country : A mission to popularize metaverse experience

  • A decentralized world governed by their community.
  • A decentralized marketplace for everyone to trade.
  • An open NFT protocol to make the objects in the virtual world usable and tradeable.
  • Learn to Earn
  • Play to Earn
  • Build Communities to Earn

Bit.Country Landscape

#1 Assets in metaverse


Community Token & Economy

Residency & Governance

#2 Continuum

  • Good Neighbor Protocol is to ensure you have a say about who can be your neighbor.
  • Council/committee position for the bit country to vote.
  • Possibility to receive sponsorship from the platform treasury to cover costs/encourage growth.
  • Bit country local tokens are promoted to be listed in the liquidity pool.
  • Only bit countries on the Continuum can be staked.

#3 Supply of Spots(WIP)

#4 Marketplace

#5 Governance

Core Team

Token Economics

  • Staking for great communities
  • Universal currency for purchasing resources
  • Promotions
  • Gas fee for transactions.
  • Purchasing virtual DApp from the store.
  • Trade on the marketplace.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Minting local tokens.
  • 50% of tokens are designated for distribution via public sale and other promotional methods to the general public.
  • 25% are allocated to investors
  • 20% allocated to the founding team.
  • 5% is allocated for community growth
  • Bounty Program
  • Dapp Grant
  • Campaigns


  • Stage I — Early Access
  • Stage II — Incremental Release
  • Stage III — Blockchain
  • Stage IV — Enable Cross-Chain NFT Asset
  • Stage V — Crowd loan & Parachain

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